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You can now feature your company on

Posted by Chris (@chris) 6 months ago and currently has comments.
I have some exciting news! You can now feature your company on Now, if you are subscribed as a Company Sponsor, you will have the option to feature your business on the site.

To become a company sponsor, visit, select Company Sponsor as your plan, and then checkout.

Then you will be able to feature your business. Go to your companies by visiting Select the business you are interested in featuring, then select Feature on the right side of the page. Congrats, your business is now featured!

There are several great benefits to featuring your company on NurseryPeople. 

For one, your business will show at the top of results across the site. On plants pages, if your company is a nursery, you will be shown in the top results as a grower of the plant. For state pages, your nursery will show in the top results as well.

Secondly, being featured adds many more backlinks to your own website, which will help in the organic search presence of your website.

Thirdly your listing is displayed more prominently and will attract greater attention to the website users of NurseryPeople.

Overall, I think the benefits are huge and I'm excited to release this update.

Thank you so much and looking forward to featuring your company!